viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

I Visit

I Visit to fanyenet, level 1, (my dream house) ; danis, level 2 , (about me) ; dainesita, lavel 2, (unit 2), annelism, level 2, (my talent is...)

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


Secretary: good afternoon, Gonzalez industries
Mr. Alejandro: Hello, may I speak to Miss Gonzales please?
Secretary: I’m sorry. She’s not in. May I take your message?
Mr. Alejandro: Yes please. This is Mr. Araujo would you ask her to call me tonight
Secretary: I’ll give Miss Gonzales the message
Mr. Alejandro: Thank you
Secretary: good bye
Mr. Alejandro: good bye

Jenny: Hello Ale, this is Jenny
Ale: Hello Jenny how are you?
Jenny: fine and you?
Ale: Very well, thanks. Would you like to go to cinema tomorrow?
Jenny: oh, I’m sorry I can’t because I’m going to work
Ale: oh…. And on Saturday in tonight?
Jenny: Ummm, sure I’d like to…
Ale: ok.. Call you tomorrow at 7:00pm
Jenny: ok bye

martes, 17 de abril de 2007


i liked this course, i liked my companion and my teacher Doris de Martins, really special person for me, I would liked invite everything to see my blog and they give me their opinions


Hi, my name is Yenny Gonzalez, I'm twenty two yeards old, i'm from Vzla originally, I studing law, my opinion about English is very important to study, the English course,it was very good, I had good friends

The city

My favorite city in Venezuela is Merida, is very interesting place, is a pretty, cold, is clean, I visited merida the montaña de los sueños, la Venezuela de antier, and los aleros is a very relaxing however is too expensive.


Yenny: Good morning, o’lala c.a
Daniela: Hi, please can I tolk to miss Rachid ?
Yenny: I am sorry she is not Here do you like leave a message?
Daniela: Yes please tell her that Patricia called
Yenny: Ok
Daniela: Also tell her don’t forget Shakira concert today at 8:00 pm
Yenny: Ok, I will tell her
Daniela: Please, tell that I go to pick up, in her house at 7:30 pm
Yenny: Ok
Daniela: Thanks you
Yenny: So long

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